"So you'd rather stick with this little... carriage?" Kloey asked.

Sherry nodded. "Yep! The library spire's been there before I was born, and before my mom was born, and even before my grand-mom was born! Far as I know, we've always taken the gondola up when we need to read a book. Which, I mean, isn't often-- but since you're a cat and all, I think it's worth the trip! Normally we ride up there if someone breaks a leg or they forget how to build a house right."

"I can't take any more of this," Horbin groaned, struggling and failing to open the window lock.

"And this library will have what we need?" Kloey asked. "Time is of the essence, mind you!"

"Oh, for sure!" Sherry replied. "I love going up to the library, it's got books on just about everything! My parents don't like me going up so much, so having an excuse to read some new books is great! I just gotta show you all the books we have about cats. There's so many! The ancient book writing guys were just bonkers about cats, and I've read all the books about them, so I'm kind of the local cat expert. Seriously, I just love books. No one in the village ever goes up the library as much as I do! I don't even think Horbin's been up here once before--"

"I am so, so sorry," Horbin whispered hoarsely.

"Oh, yuck!" Sherry screeched.