Horbin's sister Sherry still lived with their family, but was currently working on the farm tending to the crops.

His job was technically farming as well, but he was so horrendously bad at it that everyone had begged him to just stay in his house. He was fine with that.

"What is it, bro? I'm kind of busy," she groaned, wiping sweat off of her forehead. "Definitely not causing any problems."

"Do you know where I could get a boat?" he asked. "I have to go on an adventure."

She squinted at him. "Is this like that time you said you were going to go on an adventure, and it turned out you had just torn a hole in your favorite pair of pants?"

"No, this is real," Kloey interjected, appearing from behind Horbin.

Sherry's eyes lit up as soon as she saw Kloey. "Holy crap, a cat! This is really important - I need to take you to the library!" She inhaled sharply and looked over behind her. "I'll help you, bro... as long as you help clean up the mess I'm making over here."